36 hours in Washington D.C

9 October 2015
Hey everyone ! Here we go for another short trip.. Washington D.C this time! My first time ever in the Capital, which I was really excited about, I also got to meet up with my Friend Jil who’s currently going to university here in the States, haven’t seen here since I left France so it just felt so good to be reunited!

Unfortunately the weather was really poor, we did not even see the sun, it rained throughout the weekend which really sucked. But let’s see the perks of a bad weather :
After we met at this Café (and after our phones were all juiced up lol) we decided to go explore the city a little bit.
Once we got off the car (yes we were only traveling from a place to another one with Uber because it was too cold and rainy to even walk) we went to the Washington Monument, and there were this guy working there that came up to us and said that if we want we would be able to get into the monument for FREE because all the touristic groups have canceled due to the bad weather. So we did! we took the elevator and went all the way up.
Just for you guys to know, there’s an average of 3 months of wait to visit the monument, so yes we were lucky 🙂
After that we walked towards the White House but the wind got us running away from it and we ended up at the.. Starbucks of course.
About the place where we were going to spend the night… we went in a Hostel lol (first time of my life, and probably the last time in the US) but anyway it was fun though (I guess?)
The morning after that we hung out a bit in the city, visited some places and a museum and it was already time to leave… A few hours of bus and I was back in New York City!
By the way, Jil has been taking some videos about our little journey and she posted a video on Youtube, if you want to check it out just click here 🙂

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    Article parfait mon petit Flav’ ❤️ Continue comme ça !!!

  • Reply Patty 13 October 2015 at 20 h 44 min

    Very nice pictures, I like your Style 🙂


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