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Paris Fashion Week Insider

18 March 2016

Hey guys, here we are for an other post, this time it’s all about the Fashion Week in Paris,

I had the chance to be invited and work on a few shows which was both exciting and really stressful ahah, you guys cannot imagine Continue Reading…

Burgundy Red

11 January 2016


When in doubt wear red. This time it’s not all about black, I’ve decided to wear something more “flashy” if I may say. Continue Reading…

Dark Parisian Mood

7 January 2016

Dark colours have always been my favourite ones, as everybody I guess right?

However today’s look on the blog is not all about black Continue Reading…

Acqua Di Gio

6 July 2015



Going out with our boat was probably the best thing we could have ever done on a sunday. We headed to these two island near Cannes : Les îles de Lérins. Continue Reading…

By the pool

27 June 2015


Hi everyone! Lately, my parents have been both working on a “project” if I may say, they decided to build a swimming pool in our garden! Everything was still in construction when I left France and when I got back from Brazil, everything was Continue Reading…

48 hours in Río

19 June 2015

Hello guys! So as you might have seen it through my Snapchat and Instagram, I’ve been traveling to Brazil for a couple of days !! 2 actually (around 48 hours). I know it ‘s really short and you might wonder why did I only spend 2 DAYS in Rio De Janeiro !!!

Continue Reading…

Le Louvre

19 June 2015


Hi everybody ! Hope you guys are all fine and enjoying life as much as I do !Last week I’ve been shooting some pictures at Le Louvre in the heart of Paris Continue Reading…

Old Antibes

19 June 2015

Hello world !

Since I’ve been craving of blogging for a few years.. I finally found enough time to build something.
This article officials the opening of my blog, so yeah this is the first one ever. So, to start it on a good way, I’ve chosen to share these few pictures of a casual afternoon… Continue Reading…