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La Manga – part 2

2 September 2016

Hello everyone!

Hope you’re all doing well! As you might have seen on my social medias, I went on a trip to Spain last month with my friends Continue Reading…

Good combo while in Paris

11 August 2016

This section of my blog is simply dedicated to give advices when it comes to get coffee and food in Paris (according to my opinion) So if you’re looking for an amazing place to get coffee and then get a brunch or just food, this article is meant for you. Continue Reading…

La Manga

11 August 2016

Hello everyone,

After having finished my exams and spent an entire week in Paris with my friends, I hopped on the train headed to Brussels.. Spain was calling baby Continue Reading…

Lago Di Como

20 July 2016

I know the title is a little bit disturbing since you won’t see any photo from the lake (almost) on the article… Reason is that I’ve taken them with my Gopro and I left it as someone’s place and I still haven’t gotten it back yet Continue Reading…

First days in Milano

15 July 2016

Hi everyone, I know it’s been a while since my last post but I have been a little busy with “studies” and all the travels did not really help… Continue Reading…

New Caledonia part.1

13 June 2016

Here we are, the last trip of the year, this time I’m off to the other side of the world…

New Caledonia, not everybody knows about this Island. Located in the Pacific Ocean “right next” to Australia more or less (so you can have an idea). Continue Reading…

Paris Fashion Week Insider

18 March 2016

Hey guys, here we are for an other post, this time it’s all about the Fashion Week in Paris,

I had the chance to be invited and work on a few shows which was both exciting and really stressful ahah, you guys cannot imagine Continue Reading…