Corsica Gateaway

19 August 2015

Hello everyone, today I’m going to talk about this little trip I had to one of the prettiest place in the Mediterranean sea. Since Friday the 17th of July my summer break has officially begun I decided to join my parents and their friends on my boat. They actually left Cannes 4 days earlier and traveled through the sea to Corsica.So I bought myself a plane ticket and left Nice around 8PM (no need to say that the night before I had one of the bigest party and barely slept)


I took off and was on my way to paradise ! I arrived 30 minutes after, what a short flight ! I got into a taxi at the airport that obviously robbed me and made my way to the harbor. I found my boat anchored with my friends waiting for me, we grabbed food and left, headed to the south of Corsica. They told me that Dolphins had followed them while they were crusing 2 days ago, and obvisouly this did not happen when I was onboard. Anyway we found a cool spot on our way so we stopped.

I put on my swim suit and went snorkeling through the fishes and jellyfishes. Then, when we finished doing anything we could have done there we headed to Bonifacio, the little St Tropez in Corsica, anchored over there and spent the night in an outdoor bar/nightclub.

The day after we headed to a bunch of island near Italy and ended up going to a sort of lagoon where the water was basically crystal clear and we were able to walk through the water since we were on the sandbank.

But unfortnatlly the ocean current got crazy and we had to leave before it got worse. On our way back we cruised through really big waves which freaked me out to be honest, so I slept so I wouldn’t get too scared.

We anchored again next to the airport because my flight on Monday was really early. I’ve been dropped off on the beach in the morning and headed to catch my flight. Got there, took off, flew back to Nice.

This is how this little short trip ended. I just wonder why do I only go to places for 48 hours every time, this is really weird


I got this amazing swim short from Bluemint ! The model I’m wearing on the pictures is the Green Flamingo

DSC_0830 - copie DSC_0897 - copie DSC_0898 - copie

DSC_0784 - copieDCIM694GOPRO

DCIM694GOPRO Processed with VSCOcam with 4 preset

DCIM694GOPRO Processed with VSCOcam with 4 preset

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