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18 February 2016

Hi guys, so for once in my life I have decided to travel “light” more or less, as I was packing, I gathered the stuff that is more than needed according to myself. No luggage, just a bag, for a 3 days trip. This article is kind of like a “HAUL” of the stuff I always want to travel with, so here we go!!

If you have always been wondering about what I never forget to go on the go with, this is for you!!

Although I forgot to add 2 things on the photos, my blue Coat (Because it did not fit on the photo), and also my Polaroid film camera, because I actually added it in my bag at the very last minute because I noticed that I still had a little room in my bag,


Let me know if you liked it 🙂



1 : My wallet, a destroyed Michael Kors ahah, with my cards and some other stuff

2 : My watch, because it’s always good to know what time it is

3 : My bracelet, my favorite one

4 : My MacBook charger, because not having battery is a real issue

5 : My “MUST HAVE” from the basic traveler starter pack ahah, this is my power bank, which allows me to charge my iPhone from 0% to 100% 8 times!!!

6 : My favorite lens for my camera, my NIKON Focal length 1.4

7 : Another POWER BANK, because snapchating H/24 needs a lot of energy ahah, no I’m just kidding, I usually use this one to charge my GoPro whenever it’s out of battery

8 : A glasses case, to protect my new Ray-ban that I got for christmas

9 : My lovely RAYBAN <3

10 : This is my passport, because ain’t no travels without a passport, protected by my passport holder

11 : My bae forever, my MacBook pro, Which I wouldn’t be able to write what you might be currently reading without it

12 : My Gopro charging wire / Camera

13 : This is my little “bag” that contains my toothpaste, conciler ahah, and many stuffs like my skine care

14 : My headphones <3 to listen to my favorite songs anytime, anywhere

15 : My GoPro <3

16 : My Camera charger

17 : A little cash, just for security, I don’t like to carry some cash around with me, but when you’re running low on your bank account it’s better to have some

18 : My kind of braces that I only wear during the night, your smile is important 😉


Processed with VSCOcam with 5 preset

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  • Reply Sarah Villégas 18 February 2016 at 23 h 35 min

    Hey! J’adore cet article et les autres de style lookbook bien sûr, ton instagram et ton blog sont vraiment géniaux! Ça se voit que tu t’impliques beaucoup dans la photographie et que ça te plait, bravo et continue comme ça Flavio 🙂

    • Reply fafe 23 February 2016 at 20 h 03 min

      Merci mille fois xx <3

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