Burgundy Red

11 January 2016


When in doubt wear red. This time it’s not all about black, I’ve decided to wear something more “flashy” if I may say. Continue Reading…

Dark Parisian Mood

7 January 2016

Dark colours have always been my favourite ones, as everybody I guess right?

However today’s look on the blog is not all about black Continue Reading…

36 hours in Washington D.C

9 October 2015
Hey everyone ! Here we go for another short trip.. Washington D.C this time! My first time ever in the Capital, which I was really excited about, I also got to meet up with my Friend Jil who’s currently going to university here in the States, haven’t seen here since I left France so it just felt so good to be reunited!

Continue Reading…

Corsica Gateaway

19 August 2015

Hello everyone, today I’m going to talk about this little trip I had to one of the prettiest place in the Mediterranean sea. Since Friday the 17th of July my summer break has officially begun I decided to join my parents and their friends on my boat. Continue Reading…

Belgium for the weekend

19 August 2015

Bonjour la Belgique !

It feels so weird to say that it was my first time ever in Belgium ! It crazy though that I’ve never been in this country in my whole life while it’s just next door from France. Continue Reading…

5 spots for coffee lovers in Paris

4 August 2015

Hi folks ! Since I spent a whole week in Paris during my summer break, I had time to go explore an find some cool coffee/brunch spots here in the Capital with my friends. We’ve been walking around Paris for basiclaly 8 days Continue Reading…

Acqua Di Gio

6 July 2015



Going out with our boat was probably the best thing we could have ever done on a sunday. We headed to these two island near Cannes : Les îles de Lérins. Continue Reading…